The Dirt Scooter Era has begun...

Posted by Myles Cullen on

What can I add that the video doesn't explain? This exciting new addition to the scooter scene opens up the sport to an entirely new generation of rider. 

If you don't have a nice skate park or well groomed roads in your neck of the woods - or if you're simply aching to nail the local dirt jumps or trails, the dirt scooter may well be just the ticket. Bulletproof, fun, and flexible these scooters will usher in a new, unique style to those exploring the scooter world.

One ride on the new Razor Phase Two Dirt Scooter will convince you that this is the real deal. Welcome to the revolution.

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  • Dirt scooters are awesome, and you’re right about them changing the world. What do you think of the new scooter era? will hoverboards take over the future of scooters?

    Scooter Era on
  • great vid. lets hope dirt scooters become verypopular in the near future

    Tyler on

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