The 2013 model year is progressing like crazy.

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It's been a while since my last post on here! We really focus on our Facebook page for timely updates about what is happening at the shop.

That said, a lot has happened in the time since our last post:

  • We hosted another awesome competition at the local indoor park - the Newmarket Youth Recreation Centre - and MGP Team rider Jordie Robinson walked away with a $500 cheque for his pro victory making him Canada's highest paid scooter rider.
  • Our own Team rider Jacob Pearcey and been added to the MGP Canada Team and now represents tow of North America's strongest scooter companies. Congrats Jacob!
  • We added a slew of new talent to our growing scooter team - I will update our Team page shortly.
  • The products we carry continue to evolve and improve. Several great brands like Apex, Tilt, and Ethic have been added to our portfolio.

In very current news, the 2013 MGP VX3 Pro and MGP VX3 Team models are now in stock.

We are the first store in Canada to have inventory on this new product and our tremendous buying power continues to ensure Scooters Canada always delivers awesome value - and our customer service for both local and national customers just can't be beat!


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  • Will scooters canada be getting lots of parts in stock for the upcoming 2013 Christmas? I am of course asking for scooter parts and most of the things I wanted were out of stock. I just wanted to know if parts were going to be in stock, thanks btw your shop is the best!!!!

    Jared on

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