2017 Team SC Sponsorship Drive

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To say that the scooter scene has progressed a little from when we started way back in 2011, is akin to suggesting that the Envy KOS is a little better ride than original Razor folder.

The skills of the average rider today are simply extraordinary: Young athletes with only 12 months of experience under their belts regularly blow our minds with their technical competence and killer style; our competitions are jam-packed with riders under 15 that can put some serious pressure on the established "rock star" level pro riders; and the world's top riders just keep pushing the bar higher with every passing season.

Fortunately, advances in hardware have progressed at a similar rate and the durability, engineering, and construction quality of today's gear has tremendously reduced warranty claims and product failures. This goes hand-in-hand with allowing riders to push boundaries further than ever before with the confidence that their equipment will take the punishment that are sure to dole out.

Of course, all these great riders and all this great hardware come together to form what is the most important aspect of the whole sport: Our community. Nowhere is this more evident than at our competitions where hundreds of riders, friends, and parents scream, clap, and holler their support to every rider that hits the park floor.

Competitors support each other with slaps on the back and high fives. Riders push each other to nail "firsts" under the intense pressure of competition. People go wild when these athletes do something that puts life and limb at risk.

The supportive and friendly vibe and the eagerness of everyone to push the collective forward to a better place than yesterday is something to behold. And you don't haver to come to a competition to see it. In local skate parks across the country, every day, riders are similarly supportive and encouraging. Scooter riders have created something really special that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated.

The community has turned the action sports world upside down for these very reasons. It's an extraordinarily inclusive, open, and supportive bunch. Positivity is the name of the game and the driver of continued growth for the scooter world.

For Scooters Canada, our team is the physical extension of this world view. Our riders are the first guys to welcome a new, young ripper to the park. They are the first to help a new rider figure out a tail whip or bar spin. They are all exceptionally talented but never arrogant about it. They understand that sponsorship isn't about free gear or bragging rights but is, instead, all about encouraging more potential riders to comer and explore the wonder and self-fulfilment that riding can deliver. They are, above all, ambassadors for the sport.

If you think you fit that mould and would like a chance to ride for one of North America's largest and most successful scooter companies, now is your opportunity.

From January 20 to March 1, 2017 we are encouraging riders to post their best possible videos to Youtube and then post their links to our Facebook page. On March 6, we will then announce our updated 2017 team roster - and YOU just might be on it.

We are considering riders for both Pro and Amateur spots. Your video should be ~3 minutes in duration and there are no specific trick requirements for consideration. We look for skill variety and difficulty, style, videography/editing and we really want to see your personality reflected in the video. Your location doesn't matter. Your sex doesn't matter. We are just looking for the most talented riders the country has to offer.

Good luck everyone!

Feel free to the comments on this blog but PLEASE post your questions to Facebook as we CANNOT reply to questions here.

Thanks to everyone that submits a video and to the broader scooter community at large for helping make Scooters Canada the country's #1 source for scooters and parts.

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