2013 Sponsorship Drive on NOW!

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We are in a very fortunate position - and one that we are very grateful for. Scooters Canada is the major player in Canada's exploding scooter scene and that is thanks entirely to the enthusiasm and loyalty of thousands of riders across the country.

Scooters Canada is very thankful for this support and we are constantly aware that it is you guys and gals - the riders - who are responsible for our success. In order to give back to the sport and help push scootering into new frontiers, Scooters Canada is looking to add a few new recruits to our Team for 2013.

There is no specific trick you need to land. There is no specific style.

We are looking for ambassadors: Friendly, upbeat, honest representatives of the sport that will introduce newcomers to the scooter scene and push the established riders to new heights. While you certainly need to be an amazing rider to earn a spot, it is even more important that you are an amazing person. Please consider the responsibility this entails before you post a video.

Furthermore, depending on the quantity and quality of submissions, newer riders should be thrilled to hear that we are considering an Amateur Team in addition to our Pro Team. This suggestion came straight from pro rider Jacob Pearcey who suggested that an Amateur Team would allow for broader representation at competitions and help foster rider development.

How to submit: Log onto Facebook and post your a link to your video up on our Facebook page. Our pro riders will be checking these videos constantly and looking to spot the talent of tomorrow. Please ensure that your video includes a little interview/introduction where you tell us a little about yourself, what you love about scootering, and why we should sponsor you. And it wouldn't hurt to include some kickass riding too!

Please do not ask questions in the comments section of these blogs, because we CANNOT reply to comments. All questions and discussions should be posted on our Facebook page.

Good luck everyone!

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  • Hi,I have been scootering for about 3 years now and it would be a dream to be sponsored and ride for scooters Canada.

    Riley on
  • I would like to be sponsored by you. I can tail whip, bars spin, bri flip,360,540,180 tail Whip

    Bryant on
  • I would like to be sponsored by you.

    Bryant Caines on
  • Hi I’m kaiden Bly from Langley and im looking for a sponcer and I can tail whip,360,180tailwhip, I can 180to 180,I can jump a six set

    kaiden on
  • Hi! I’m trying to get a sponsor I’m 14 years old. I have been scootering a year now and I think I’m pretty good I can triple whip,bri,540,decade,bar whip, bar bar,360 double whip,truck driver,tail whip full hip, I’m the best in my town and I have 2 videos of tailwhip ping full hip and a bri but I can’t get any more videos right now because there’s snow on my park but as soon as it melts I will send more videos but it would be cool to get sponsored now!

    Bevan price on

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