New Shipping Program Now Fully Operational

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As Canada's leader in pro scooters and parts, we ships hundreds of orders per week.

When we launched our online store in 2011 we selected Canada Post as our shipping provider for their ease of integration into our e-commerce platform and reasonable rates. Their service has been almost flawless in this time.

As we have grown we have constantly looked for ways to improve our customer satisfaction.

For example, we launched the industry's first loyalty program six weeks ago - and even awarded points retroactively to all of our existing customers. Can you imagine? Not only do new customers get the benefit. If you have EVER placed an order with SC, you got your points.

To date we have awarded more than 5,000,000 points - these points can be used towards shipping costs, purchase discounts, and even more in the future.

Our next step was to offer improved shipping options so that customers could choose whether cost or speed was more important.

We are the only scooter store in Canada whose e-commerce platform sends every order out for competitive bids when you get to our checkout. Your order size and weight gets sent to Purolator, UPS, and Fedex for quotes. You are then presented with the least expensive option depending on speed of service.

The choice is now yours: Need it in one day? No problem. Have some time to spare and looking to save money? No problem. At Scooters Canada, we let you make the choice.

Even better: We are now offering FREE shipping for all orders over $350. This is a temporary program to test the appeal.

Take advantage today and enjoy yet another example of why Scooters Canada is the most popular scooter shop in Canada today.

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