New website design launching by early May

Posted by Myles Cullen on

We have been very busily plugging away at the back-end of our website lately and hope to have an entirely new site launched inside the next week or so.

Our primary goal is to improve your experience using our site on your mobile devices. You may have heard lately that Google has tweaked their search algorithms to favour sites that have dedicated "mobile" views rather those that simply resize their desktop sites to be viewable on portable devices.

While we have dabbled in some mobile-friendly efforts in the past, the time is now to re-launch our site with a clearly defined mobile first strategy. We know that lots of you check out our gear with your phones and tablets and improving the customer experience has always been our primary focus.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and if you find any issues once we re-launch, please feel free to send me an email ( so that we can fix whatever we mess up!

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    James on

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