Trynyty Exodus Deck


  • $209.99 CAD

Trynyty Exodus Deck Black

Our Exodus deck is the simplified version of what we feel a street deck should be. It has a strong and responsive feel while remaining incredibly durable.

The simplified deckends are still 7075 ensuring the smoothest grinds and a long lifespan. These deckends combined with a headtube cut out reduce the weight just enough to keep the whole deck perfectly balanced.

6 wide with 2 options for length 22.25 and 23.

Every deck comes standard with our newly developped Spoiler Magnum. They simply would not look right without this classic shape we have standardized. 


Weight (22.25") 2.08 kg - 4.5 lbs / (23") 2.13 kg / 4.7 lbs
Length: 565mm - 22.25" / 584mm - 23"
Width: 152mm - 6"
Headtube / neck: 6061 neck and headtube cut out
HT Angle: °
Concave: Yes
End of deck type: Boxed with simpler 7075 deck ends
Material: 6061-T6 aluminium
Brake: Spoiler Magnum
Others: Comes with all the hardware to fit almost all sizes of wheels.


Wheel diameter 
100mm: Yes
110mm: Yes
120mm: Yes
125mm: Yes
Wheel Width 
24mm: Yes. Spacers provided
28mm: No
30mm: Yes. Spacers provided
12STD: Yes. Spacers provided

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