Trynyty Chimera Deck - 23"

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  • $279.99 CAD

Trynyty Chimera Deck Black

The Chimera deck has been in development for years and we are ecstatic to finally introduce it to the market. During our development there were a few key factors we wanted to ensure were met. Strength, Compatibility and Feel.

This goal is encompassed in our innovative deck end design. Using a 7075 alu we have created a shape that wraps around and into the plate extrusion allowing for maximum strength and widest grind surface possible. The result is unrivaled stability whether sliding forwards or backwards. We promise you have never felt 5-0's this buttery. 

This unique deckend design also makes compatibility and installation worry free. We include all of the necessary hardware to run 24 or 30mm wheels with either 8 or 12 standard bearings. The top load style spacers are incredibly satisfying to install.

The deck also features a very rigid neck and baseplate that are strong and very responsive. 

6 wide 23″ Long.

Every deck comes standard with our newly developped Spoiler Magnum. They simply would not look right without this classic shape we have standardized. 


Weight23" = 2.13 kg - 4.7 lbs
Length: 584mm - 23"
Width: 6"
Headtube / neck: 6061 neck and headtube
HT Angle: 84°
Concave: Yes
End of deck type: Boxed with innovative wrap around deck ends
Material: 6061-T6 aluminium
Brake: Spoiler Magnum
Others: Comes with all the hardware to fit almost all sizes of wheels.


Wheel diameter 
100mm: Yes
110mm: Yes
120mm: Yes
125mm: Yes
Wheel Width 
24mm: Yes. Spacers provided
28mm: No
30mm: Yes. Spacers provided
12STD: Yes. Spacers provided

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