S-One Pro Starter Pad Set


  • $69.99 CAD

The S-ONE Starter Pad Set includes a quality set of knee pads, ebow pads and wrist guards. Parents love these starter pad sets because they can get all three sets of pads in one package at a bargain price. These pads are great for the little ones first set of pads because they are designed to fit smaller bodies and they are easy to put on. Please note: These pads are designed for low-medium impact skate park use. They are not designed for skating vert or big bowls. If you plan on bailing to your knees a lot, you might want to get Vert Knee Pads. The Starter Pad sets usually fit kids age 3 to 7 years old. 

Sizing Guide: Measure at the middle of the wrist, knee or elbow.

Circumferences are within these ranges.


8” to 11”


7” to 10”


4” to 7”

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