This is just a sampling of the feedback we have received through November 2012. Unedited and unmodified to let you hear what our customers are telling us every day.

We take customer service very seriously and look to create a positive experience on every order. If this does not happen to you, please let us know.

Our systems, our staff training, our processes are all under continual evaluation in order to provide you - our valued customers - with the best possible customer service experience.

From the feedback below, I think we are doing pretty well!

AH - Dec 4/12 

"thank you I definitely will be ordering more parts from your website in the future."

AB - Nov 20/12

"that's perfect, thank you a great service aswell, have a nice day :)"

JM - Nov 17/12

"Ok thanks! I think it's great that you guys listen to your costumers!"

ML - Nov 17/12

"Wow thanks man appreciate it #scooterscanadas#1"

AG - Nov 15/12

"Thank you very much for your service!"

KL - Nov 15/12

"wow great i received my sons scooter two nights ago.  Great service got it in sooner than expected.  Thank you"

XY - Nov 14/12

"Fantastic Thank You !! You guys have AMAZING customer service and I would recommend your company to anyone and everyone. You guys will definitely hear from us again when we are ready to make another purchase. You will be making my son's Christmas VERY happy!"

AG - Nov 8/12

"Great customer service!"

PS - Nov 7/12

"Appreciate the great service with these scooter parts etc.. I have a 10 + 13 year old boys and they have us bassically nuts over scooter4!! Oh well at least their outside and getting some exercise..."

LH - Nov 2/12

"Thank you so much for the email and phone call follow up.  Your customer service is excellent and I will highly recommend you."

BF - Oct 31/12

"Thank you and all other worker for giving me good info THANK YOU"

DV - Oct 26/12

"Thank you very much for your excellent customer service, and follow up!"

AA - Oct 17/12

"Thanks Jason will do. Will be ordering stuff for Christmas from you guys. Thanks for the service."