Envy Warranty


Our wheels come with a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.

This will cover
– De-hubbing of the PU tyre from the wheel core
– Ovalising the hub bearing housing

It does not cover
– Chunking of the wheel: Chunking is when the wheel PU breaks off in “gouges” caused by riding on rough surfaces.

All our Forks come with a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.

This will cover
– Breaking or Bending (except the axle)

This will not cover
– Breaking or bending of the axle
– Misuse or poor set up
– Any modifications to the fork

Our steel bars come with a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.

Aluminum bars have a 30 day warranty.

This will cover

– Cracking of welds

-Paint defects

This will not cover
– If bars have less then 40mm of fork tube inside the bars
– If you modify or cut your bars
– Scratching or chipping of paint
– Misuse of your bars

-Bending or snapping


All decks come with a 3 month warranty on the headtube

This will cover
– Snapping or visible cracking of the deck
– Function of the deck

This will not cover
– Any damage caused by misuse or abuse to the deck
– Scratching or fading of paint or anodizing
– Damage to the headset cups due to bad set up or lack of maintenance
– Dinting of the deck down tube
– Modifications to any part of the deck, including drill holes

Please note: Scooter decks are subject to extreme pressures and stress. To increase the life expectancy of your deck, avoid constant fly-outs (jumping to flat) and make all attempts to land smoothly, minimising the shock to the deck. All Scooter decks are prone to failure – it’s a fact, as they are constantly grinded and put under extreme pressures.

Tips to make your deck last longer:

– Always land with your knees bent to absorb the shock
– Keep everything tight including your axles and headset
– Avoid grinding on rough concrete
– Limit the amount of fly outs you do
– Never throw your scooter

Our clamps are covered by a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.

This will cover
– Breaking of bolts and clamp body

This will not cover
– Cross threading the bolts
– Stripping of the bolt heads by using rounded-off Allen keys
– Scratching of paint or anodizing

90 day manufacturer’s warranty on hardware failure excluding wear and tear.
All warranties will be void if this product is modified in any way. This includes using after-market products, poor maintenance, abuse or misuse.