Since founding Scooters Canada back 2011, we recognized the importance of ambassadorship and how profoundly quality riders can impact the future of our sport.

With this focus on the development of the sport, we have strived to support riders that are making a difference in their communities. Riders that not only possess exceptional talent and skills, but riders that demonstrate true leadership.

Riders that go out of their way to encourage people coming up beneath them. Riders that will take time from their day to make a young, new rider feel welcome at the skate park. To make them feel a part of the community. Maybe even teach them a trick or some fundamental skills.

The athletes we have worked with over the years have proven to be some of the most talented and gracious people we know.

All that said - and prepare for some controversy now - we have regular conversations with the owners/managers/distributors of all the major brands on the market and the conversation often comes back to the sponsorship conundrum.

We receive between 30-50 requests for sponsorship PER DAY. Think about that. Almost 300 requests a week. Scootering is quite unique in rider's persistent pursuit of sponsorships.

It seems that sponsorship, for many riders, is actually the end game. The fundamental truth is that is you really want to be good, if you want to excel, someone else's recognition cannot be the reason you pursue your sport.

As an action sports enthusiast that grew up in the cycling business,  I can attest to the fact there are no sponsorships in cycling. There are no sponsorships in hockey. There are no sponsorships in basketball or soccer or baseball. The only people who get freebies in all of these other athletic endeavours are professional (and the occasional college) athletes.

It doesn't matter what your friends think. It doesn't matter what little snippet you can add to your social media profile. You should ride because you love it. 

You should ride because of the joy it adds to your life. For the sense of personal satisfaction in finally nailing that trick you have been attempting for months. For the camaraderie of the incredible group of friends you will develop while pursuing your passion. Ride because it's your life!

Sponsorship will come to those who pursue the sport for it's own pursuit - not to those who ride to become sponsored. There is a major philosophical difference there.

What does it take to become a sponsored rider?

  • incredible riding skills
    • there are no specific tricks required
    • it is about the entirety of your trick repertoire and your style, not one specific thing
  • proven interpersonal skills
    • must be a community leader
    • must be willing to donate time to your community
    • must be a positive role model to those around you
  • access to videographer/photographer/editor
    • what we get in exchange for your sponsorship is content
    • if you cannot produce high quality videos regularly, you cannot be sponsored

When can I get sponsored?

We run an annual sponsorship drive - typically from January to March. Use the warmer months to dial in your tricks, shoot some video, create some buzz amongst your peers and be ready to submit your video to our sponsorship drive once we are underway.

When does your sponsorship drive start?

Pay attention to our social media channels!