Ethic Lindworm V3 Boxed Deck

Ethic DTC

  • $329.99 CAD

Only 2 left!

Just when you thought that Ethic was done with the Lindworm, They make something that can slay any street spot. The new Ethic Lindworm deck with boxed ends. This is one of the first decks to be made in over a 5" wide deck from Ethic. Ethic came with improvement on the way boxed deck were made, with the new AED shape for smoother grinds and icepik. If you are thinking about riding street you will need this weapon of a deck.

Features and Specifications:

  • Deck Width: 5.5
  • Back of Deck: Boxed
  • Weight: 4.05lbs
  • Headtube Angle 83.5 

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