What a difference a week makes!

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Just a few days after Christmas and the Team here at Scooters Canada is building up for a super exciting 2013. This week alone we have seen delivery of some monumental new products:

  1. Envy Prodigy - a budget scooter with a killer parts mix. This scooter just forced the threaded headset into retirement forever and we can't be happier.
  2. Sacrifice System-X - at the opposite end of the spectrum, this may be the nicest complete ever at a very competitive price. Less than 7.5lbs with a slew of top quality components. A year ago, a scooter like this simply didn't exist.
  3. Envy King of Spades - the long awaited replacement to the original Envy Complete has now landed. Updated in every conceivable way, this new rig looks better, rides better, and is super competitive against anything in it's price range - and beyond!
  4. District DNA Limited Edition parts - forks, decks, and bars all in stock now with a super sick matte black paint and wicked graphics. The Limited Edition parts always offer cutting edge style and function in a very exclusive package.
There is some more gear that I have not yet posted - if local, be sure to visit the shop for the latest products before they hit the web. Before the new years arrives, expect to see the new Sacrifice Bennis bars posted. Wait until you see these graphics! Stunning to say the least.

On the non-product related front, we would like to wish our riders, customers, and staff alike a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Play safe over the remaining holidays and thanks to everyone for making 2012 the best year in Scooters Canada/Spoke O'Motion history. The best is yet to come!

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