Apex Bol bars in chrome have landed! (Zach: Read this!)

Posted by Myles Cullen on

Check out the action (and photos) on our Facebook page!

20 pairs of the hottest bars in the world have arrived at Canada's premiere scooter shop. Why did we buy so many of one model? Because you asked us to, that's why! At Scooters Canada we are 100% committed to stocking the products that riders demand.

Top quality, reliable service, and super competitive prices - that is the SC way.

As an aside: A rider named Zach posted a comment earlier inquiring about white MGP Ninjas. At that time, MGP hadn't given us word of any such thing and I replied that they did not exist. As it turns out, Zach had me beat on the "current news" front and MGP has just released a batch of white Ninjas. Sorry, Zach! Need a job as a product advisor? :)

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  • You should get the ethic Lind warm deck cuz I really like it a lot cuz if you like doing leg tricks and rails it is so good for locking in to legis and rails I thick a lot of people would by it

    Jacob on
  • Please sc get the tilt nimbus fork its coming in a week or two

    Phillip on

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