Raptor Tail long scooter grip


$14.99 CAD 


With a length of 6 3/4” (170 mm) Raptor Tail grips are about 25% longer than traditional grips and are the perfect choice for riders with wider bars. While normal BMX grips only last about 3-4 weeks, Raptor grips can withstand up to 6 months of intense riding. The secret is a 50 % stronger wall thickness which results in an amazing feel and grip. They also provide quite effective shock absorption enabling longer riding without fatigue. Screwable Nylon end plugs guarantee a secure fit. The Tail grip comes with vertical ribs and without flanges so nothing is in your way when doing bar spins.


  •  25% longer,  Length:170 mm (6 ¾”)
  •  1.5 mm thicker
  •  Vertical ribs
  •  Flangeless
  •  Shock absorption
  •  Superior durability
  •  Screwable bar ends